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Image by Becca Tapert


Why Grayfeather?: Testimonials

The office in particular is the armpit of our home and I have wanted to get it fixed up for so long. There are things I can do and things I can’t, and keeping a house organized would be in the latter category. I can keep the main areas clean but this room was the catch all where we shoved all the junk to keep the rest of the house nice. I’m now in therapy with Jenny learning how to organize and keep the junk from piling up. I could not have done all this myself. If anyone is on the struggle bus with a clutter room in your house call Jenny!! I can’t wait to see how this turns out. In 8 total hours she has organized SO MUCH of our house.


Jenny is amazing! I had moved my craft room into the garage and I had so much stuff everywhere it was completely overwhelming. We bought 4 hours and she got it done in less than three. She then helped clean up the rest of the garage and even started on the pantry. I love that she says let’s keep going with something else, until the very last minute. She kept me motivated, helped me get rid of stuff that I really didn’t need, and was super patient with me. She was super easy to talk to and didn’t make me feel judged for the mess. I can’t wait to buy more of her time so she can help me with my whole house!


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